NewTech Comm offers high-quality consulting services in the field of financial communication, investor relations and public relations.


We specialize in supporting innovative companies at all stages of development. Excellent communication with the capital market is the building block of growth of businesses based on state-of-the-art technologies. Our purpose is to progressively build the value and reputation of our clients.


Professional and reliable cooperation, effective and efficient action – these are our strengths.

Kamil Majcher
Kamil Majcher, founder of NewTech Comm

Together We Are Building Success

NewTech Comm Offer

We employ an individual approach to each company. Our offer is always tailored to the client’s needs and objectives.

Investor Relations

Transparent and open communication with both institutional and individual investors, and analysts underlies trustworthiness and position of a given company on the capital market.

Financial Communication

We understand the specificity of how media work; for this reason, our materials and information are tailored to the expectations and standards of the world of media.

Transactions (IPO, SPO)

Support our clients in the process of making their debut on NewConnect or the main trading floor of GPW. Consulting services in the process of capital raising.

Organization of Investor Events

Road show, summary conferences, meetings with the media, investor events such as Investor Day.

Investor Materials

Professional and substantial investor materials such as presentations, teasers, educational videos as a significant element of communicating with the capital market.

Company Image Research

The company image perceived by investors helps us select the right information policy.

Websites and Social Media

We help our clients run investor relations websites in line with the best market practices.

Training Courses

We prepare company management boards for public speaking before investors, analysts and the media.

Media Monitoring

Our knowledge is up-to-date at all times. We know what is written and spoken about our clients.


NewTech Comm
E-mail: biuro@newtechcomm.pl
Tel. 507 649 596

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